Business Case

We have delivered the largest and most advanced Lync 2013 Enterprise voice solution in the world; 150,000 users, in over 70 countries. Voice gateways in over 170 sites, enabling enterprise voice for almost all of these customers, along with full conferencing/desktop sharing, federation, automated DID provisioning and least cost routing solutions for PSTN break out and more importantly we removed legacy voice systems to realise real benefits.

One of the major challenges in implementing an all-encompassing Lync 2013 solution is building the credibility and confidence to make the leap to new technology. You can read the white papers and they will explain the savings, collaboration, mobility and flexibility. But you also have to undertake a massive business change in order to achieve these benefits. It’s a journey and well worth it. You need a partner that has done it before. That partner is Resonate. Over the last 3 years we have partnered with the largest Telco and one of the Largest Oil Companies in the world to deliver the largest and most complex OCS and Lync deployments the world has seen. Here’s how we did it and why it’s important to you!

The Oil Giant wanted to pursue a UCC strategy for their whole enterprise. Our Client (the largest US Telco) engaged Resonate, and we took over this work and drove success.

We helped the telecoms company sell the deal and then led the design and implementation of the customer solution. That solution wasn’t purely technical. To make the technological change work to deliver the benefits above we needed a holistic strategy. This is where Resonate stands apart from the rest.

Case – Global Energy Giant

Customer Size 
This Global Energy Company wanted to pursue a UC strategy for their whole enterprise, to drive cost savings and improve collaboration across their business.

Our Solution 
Resonate led the design and implementation of the Lync solution which is the largest and most complex globally. 150,000 users across 70 countries. Implementation of Voice Gateways in over 170 sites so that customers have local survivability. Customers utilize Audio and Video Conferencing, as well as Peer to Peer and Enterprise Voice capabilities. Resonate tailored the implementation plan to ensure savings came early on in the programme allowing the client to sell the benefits early and keep momentum. Additionally, Resonate developed customer communications to drive adoption of the technology.

A 40% reduction in costs, removal of over 30k desk phones and a clear path to fully transforming by eliminating legacy equipment over the next 3 years.

Case – Major Telecoms Operator

The Challenge 
A major telecoms operator needed assistance in delivering a complex Enterprise Voice Implementation in over 180 sites globally. They need to avoiding substantial delivery penalties and build a support team.

Our Solution 
Resonate worked with our client to develop the solution for their customer. We then developed a delivery capability. To ensure a standardized delivery capability, we developed a delivery methodology, processes and templates. We developed tools to track the implementation and then we led the implementation, delivering across the globe and avoiding all penalties and migrating over 120k users to enterprise voice.

Our team then led the development of a new organization to support the Lync environment and drove the implementation of sophisticated tooling to support the environment.

Our client now has a repeatable capability to deliver Enterprise Voice solutions for their customers and a support organization that is the envy of the industry.