Teams Change & Adoption Support

Service Overview

Create Real Change and Adoption

We can support any sized business with change and adoption of Microsoft Teams. We have experience supporting organisations from 50 to 100,000+ employees and as a result, have a catalogue of services to support your needs. 

For Large Organisations

Have you struggled before with change and adoption within your organisation? You may benefit from using our in-house change management team that will help drive greater results. A change team that is knowledgeable about the product and also in change theory they will work hard to understand your organisation to help implement the change effectively. After working with a number of clients we have knowledge and experience working within the following change theories:

  • Kotter's Theory
  • Kuber-Ross Change Curve
  • The McKinsey 7-S Model

Talk to us about creating a bespoke change and adoption programme for your organisation.


For Small & Medium Organisations

Take advantage of our Accelerator Packs that are designed to enable small and medium-sized businesses to quickly realise the benefits of using Microsoft Teams. The packs are available as 2 off the shelf products:

  • Getting Started with Teams, this includes: How your business can best use Teams, the optimum way to set Teams up, how to communicate the move to Teams internally, user training and ongoing support. 
  • Embedding Teams into the Business, this includes: How your business can best use Teams, the optimum way to set Teams up, how to communicate the move to Teams internally, creating Teams champions and a super users network, training your champions and users, Teams reporting dashboards and ongoing support. 

For Everyone Ongoing

Once we’ve successfully implemented Teams and all your users are using the solution we provide you with the option of retaining the support of one of our gurus.

  • Get one of our Teams experts on hand each and every month to ensure that progress doesn't stop when the initial roll-out ends
  • Ensure that new communication and collaboration scenarios can quickly be adapted to without bad habits being developed

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Planning & Communication

We understand that many migrations can be quite complex such as Skype for Business Enterprise Voice to Teams Only. Every organisation is different meaning a different approach needs to be taken. If there is unnecessary complexity for the user this can significantly increase the amount of change resistance.

Our team has the ability to create a simple story to make it easy for the many. We will be there to produce a multi-channel communication plan across many platforms from email, Yammer, SharePoint, Intranet and the traditional routes of t-shirts, banners and tent cards. We also have experience creating disruptive campaigns too if you dare!

Planning & Communication Packages

Creating your Teams communication plan and design

Providing you with a communications plan and design of how to successfully implement Teams for your business to deliver the expected business outcomes.


Helping you implement your Teams change plan

Providing you with the expertise to implement the Teams design and manage the communications activities.



Champions Program

Microsoft strongly supports having a technology champions program within the business:

“Champions are essential to driving awareness, adoption, and education in your organization. A champion is a person, primarily motivated by helping others, who are interested in new technology (specifically Teams) and helping other employees use it in alignment with your best practices. Depending on the size of your organization you may have this as a formal part of the person's role, but often employees take on this role themselves because of their core motivation to help others.”

We can help design, implement, coach or just support your champion network through various initiatives.

Champions Packages

Champion of Champions

We will provide a champion to lead your internal champions program and ensure best practice is followed.


Champions Training & Materials

An online training course for your super users, who will become your internal champions supporting end users. Max class size - 6.


Champions Q&A Support

Users within the organisation look to the Champions for answers. We can provide support for the questions that they are unsure about.


New Feature Support

New features are being released all the time. Get training and support of new features as they arrive.



Reference Materials

Need help producing effective quick reference guides for your end-users? We can help support with the development of custom materials or rebranding of our white labelled products.

Our materials cover many different areas of Microsoft 365 and beyond. We have quick reference guides explaining many of the common use cases such as adding contacts to Teams, understanding permissions in meetings or starting your first conversation in Teams. We can also help support developing more complex scenarios for your business too such as ‘Call Pick Up Groups’.

Reference Packages

Teams Help Library

Providing you with access to all relevant Teams material to support you in maintaining your Teams environment. Useful tips, hints, roadmaps and videos.


Quick Reference User Guides

Guides for your users on the main Teams features and how to use them. Customised to your branding and available online.



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