Resonate Ethics Statement

Resonates core ethics are based around the following core principles:

  • Serving our customers and users
  • Obeying the law and avoiding Conflict of Interest
  • Treating people with respect and dignity
  • Helping Resonate people grow
  • Relationships really matter to us
  • Striving for excellence
  • Behaving as an ‘Owner’ at all times

The diagram explains some out of box features and add-ons. There are further choices, but those listed are most common to replace legacy systems.


Who Must Follow Our Code?

We expect all of our employees, associates and partners to know and follow the Code. Any new employees or partners will be issued the code to familiarise with our core principles. Our Ethics comprise the below:

Serving Our Customers & Users

Our customers not only value Resonate because we deliver great services, but because we hold ourselves to a higher standard in how we treat customers and users (of our tools). The key is to ensure the following:

  • Integrity - Our reputation as a company that our customers can trust is our most valuable asset and a core principle for us getting repeat business. We continually work hard to earn that trust – it is not just a one-off task. Our communication with customers and users is based on simple honesty and integrity at all times.
  • Delivering Value and Benefits - Our products, features and services should always deliver value and real measurable benefits to our customers be it a small, medium or large business, we strive to deliver the benefits we set out.
  • Responsiveness – Our people are our biggest asset and our reputation is based around being honest and responsive whether that is during sales, delivery or aftercare cycles. This is instilled within our culture.
  • Take Action – If our customers or users feel that we are not delivering to our commitments we commit to take action to improve that situation. Listening – we always listen to our customers, users and suppliers alike and do not plead ignorance – it is only through really listening to our customers and suppliers that we understand their real needs.
Obey the Law & Avoid Conflicts of Interest

Resonate takes its responsibilities to comply with laws and regulations exceptionally seriously and all of us at Resonate are expected to comply with applicable legal requirements and prohibitions. We believe given that it is extremely unlikely for anyone to know all aspects of every applicable law, you should understand the major laws and regulations that apply to your work.

Resonate has an obligation to always do what is best for the company and our customers/users. When a situation arises in which competing loyalties could cause you to pursue a personal benefit for yourself, your friends or your family at the expense of Resonate or our customers/users, you may be faced with a conflict of interest. All of us will avoid conflicts of interest and circumstances that reasonably present the appearance of a conflict.

Treating People with Respect and Dignity

We are committed to a supportive work environment, where employees and associates have the opportunity to reach their fullest potential. Each Resonate employee or associate is expected to do his or her utmost to create a respectful workplace culture that is free of harassment, intimidation, bias and unlawful discrimination of any kind. 

We also respect different beliefs, cultures and needs in the work place and strive to ensure we have diversity. We instil an environment where we address each other with respect and dignity which we would all expect of each other, we take pride in creating this environment at all levels. Below are areas of note:

  • Equal Opportunity Employment - Employment at Resonate is based upon individual merit, qualifications and directly related to professional competence. We strictly prohibit unlawful discrimination or harassment of any kind, including discrimination or harassment on the basis of race, colour, religion, veteran status, national origin, ancestry, pregnancy status, sex, gender identity or expression, age, marital status, mental or physical disability, medical condition, sexual orientation or any other characteristics protected by law. We also make all reasonable accommodations to meet our obligations under laws protecting the rights of the disabled.
  • Positive Environment - Resonate prohibits unlawful harassment in any form – verbal, physical or visual. If you believe you’ve been harassed by anyone at Resonate (including associates) at any level of authority you should immediately report the incident to your supervisor, Human Resources or both. Similarly, supervisors and managers who learn of any such incident should immediately report it to Human Resources. HR will promptly and thoroughly investigate any complaints and take appropriate action.
  • Drugs and Alcohol - Our position on substance abuse is simple: It is incompatible with the health and safety of our employees, and we do not permit it. Consumption of alcohol is not banned at our offices, but use good judgment and never drink in a way that leads to impaired performance or inappropriate behaviour, endangers the safety of others or violates the law. Illegal drugs in our offices or at sponsored events are strictly prohibited. If a manager has reasonable suspicion to believe that an employee’s use of drugs and/or alcohol may adversely affect the employee’s job performance or the safety of the employee or others in the workplace, the manager may request an alcohol and/or drug screening. A reasonable suspicion may be based on objective symptoms such as the employee’s appearance, behaviour or speech.
  • Safe Workplace - We are committed to a violence-free work environment, and we will not tolerate any level of violence or the threat of violence in the workplace. Under no circumstances should anyone bring a weapon to work. If you become aware of a violation of this policy, you should report it to Human Resources immediately.
Resonate People Grow

One of our core tenets as an organisation is to help our people grow and flourish to their full potential. Even when people do leave Resonate we hope that they move onto better and bigger roles and the Resonate experience helped them along the way. We believe in taking time to explain and ensure that our employees and associates understand what they need to do and empower them to achieve their aspirations and goals. We encourage learning and support training for our people.

Relationships Matter

The way we interact with each other, with our associates, with partners, customers and users alike is critical to our collaboration and success and a critical facet about how we operate at Resonate. We can’t hope to deliver benefits and thrive if we ourselves are not aligned and treating each other with integrity and respect. Building trust and respect for each other Resonate is core to our beliefs and growth strategy

This isn’t about meeting some sort of metric. This is about building effective teams that challenge each other, push each other to inspire transformation in our customers and our own organisations through collaboration and team work. In order to meet our full collaborative potential and be as valuable as possible to our customers and employees. If we focus on building good relations within our organisation and outside it we will foster a culture of trust, and we sell ourselves and grow our business.

Strive for Excellence at all Times

We work hard to produce excellent results—that’s how we ensure Resonate’s business success. But while the bottom line is important, it isn’t everything. How we get there matters. We thrive as a company by setting high expectations for ourselves and those we work with—and meeting those expectations every day through continuous learning and improvement.

Our core discipline and belief at Resonate is to do our best at all times and do it consistently only then do we achieve and maintain excellence within our organisation and for our customers.

Part of our culture of transformation is our desire to make a positive, lasting impact on the world. Not just by connecting the world’s professionals, but also by supporting and contributing to the communities where we live and work. Here are just some of the clear, actionable goals we set for ourselves:

  • We are environmentally conscious.
  • We support human rights, and we don’t want to do business with companies who violate those rights.
  • We make sure everyone we work with is fairly compensated for the work they do.
Act like an owner

At Resonate we foster the approach that we ACT and OPERATE like an “owner” and put ourselves in the shoes of the customer and fully understand the needs of our clients and own our projects and actions so we deliver them through to completion and act on behalf of our clients interest at heart. What we instil in our people:

  • Show Passion And Enthusiasm - Both your mindset and your heart need to be “in the game.” our clients and customers need to see and “feel” your enthusiasm for what we do. Our colleagues, associates and management sense passion for what we do and this is the essence of winning repeat business for us.
  • Honouring Commitment’s – If we have stated we will do something we strive to meet that commitment each time Delivering on time every time - Roll Up Your Sleeves Whenever Necessary to get the job done, we instil in our people to lead by example when it comes to being resourceful and getting things done in a timely manner – if we commit we meet that commitment.
  • Get Better And Better - Continuously improve – upping the ante, staying ahead of the competition, proactively responding to an evolving market, improving processes, reducing costs and improving performance. Our mind set is about being the best we can and requires getting better and constantly looking for ways to improve ourselves.
  • Systematise Things – Always look to add structure, consistency and quality to what we do by developing standard WAYS of doing things. Stay alert for developing tools to help you work “ON” the job you do – separate from the things you do to work “IN” your job. Working “ON” your job means looking for ways to standardise and systematise the things you do – developing processes, flowcharts, checklists, reference material, and so on. Systems and structure improve your productivity and the quality of the work you do. THINK systems and processes.