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Making The Most of Microsoft Unified Communications 

Microsoft Unified Communications capabilities can help your business become much more productive, save money, collaborate with your customers and suppliers all while enabling your firm to drive to a better work life balance. 

To achieve these results, you need to take your company on a journey. You’ll need an experienced guide. For example: 

  • There are a number of different solutions to consider. Each has its benefits and there is no right or wrong, but there is a right fit for your business
  • Moving from Desk Phones to a UC solution drives cost savings and makes your team more mobile. But it is a change in the way people work. Adoption needs to be planned. Communications is essential
  • There will be choices to make regarding peripheral devices such as headsets and hard phones for your common areas. Also, there are some areas where third parties are needed to provide solutions to your most complicated communications challenges.
  • You will need to ensure that your existing infrastructure will provide you with the right platform for this solution and you may need help identifying where to invest.

Resonate has been on this journey, we’ve helped our customers navigate each of these challenges. We’ve developed relationships with Microsoft and many other companies. Our team of consultants have delivered the largest and most complex UC solution in the world for an Energy Giant. Our team of experienced consultants can help you with every aspect of your journey:

  • Understanding the possible UC strategies for your companies needs.
  • Assisting in the build of your business case so that you can evaluate potential strategies
  • Strategy Development 
  • Architecture and Solution Design
  • Planning the stages of your implementation to achieve the benefits as early as possible
  • Communications strategy to drive adoption
  • Tracking Business Benefits

Managed Services 

Let Resonate Maintain and Support your Microsoft UC solution by using skilled people, optimised processes and customised tools.

You’ve made the decision to go on your journey. You’ve made the plans and now it’s time to execute. It’s a high profile investment and a big business change with a big return. To keep everyone confident requires flawless execution and attention to all of the details to ensure you arrive at the destination. 

Over the last 3 years, Resonate has developed a number of services that make the journey predictable. 

  • We’ve led the installation of hundreds of sites and gateways. We’ve built a methodology, tools and practices to manage every step for every site with fanatical attention to detail. From the initial site engagement, through surveys, installation, turn-up and user acceptance. All supported by a communications strategy complete with templates. We can manage your whole implementation and ensure you get where you are going.
  • The Microsoft UC solution is much simpler to support, as you can support your telecoms centrally. There are two challenges.
    • Most of our customers don’t have those support skills in house.
    • There is a need in many cases to integrate that support model with your legacy telephony support model – at least for a period of time.
    • Resonate can help. We’ve have developed processes and tools to support this environment and we have staff who are experts in supporting this environment.
  • We’ve developed an expertise in the removal of legacy telephony. From simple office sites to complex refineries, we focus on utilizing existing solutions wherever possible and we are successful in most cases. Where that is not possible, we develop new solutions either using existing capabilities or working with our partners. We understand the ins and outs of removals including WEEE regulations. We can help you complete your journey by solving more difficult problems.


Manage your Microsoft UC solution and beyond by using the most suitable products to fit your environment.

The vanilla Microsoft UC solution is an outstanding toolset for your company. That’s why so many fortune 500 companies are either implementing or considering implementing Skype for Business. The solution will cater for all of the basic telephony functions of your business. In our experience, there will be a need to for some additional features which won’t come out of the box. Some examples of these areas are: 

  • Reporting
  • Server Voice Recording
  • Call Centre Capabilities

In addition, there are also some capabilities that are available out of the box, but do required some integration with 3rd parties. The capability to contact Emergency Services is a good example. 

Every company has its own unique requirements to fulfil their Unified Communication needs. Resonate will guide you in customizing your solution. 

We provide tools for provisioning, special features, billing, analytics, E911, Voice Recording and more, there is a wealth of tools to choose from. Resonate has the knowledge and experience to make the right choice for your company.