Hold On To Your Money!

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Welcome back.  Business moves fast.  To stay ahead of your competition, your company must to be faster and more cost effective. In this edition, we go into the efficiencies that Skype for Business provides.  But first let’s talk about local support. 

In the companies where I’ve worked, there has always been someone on site supporting the phone system.  They might be part of your IT team or your Real Estate team.  They are involved in every transaction related to the phones.   New users, users changing floors, changing numbers, building moves.  If there is phone activity involved, there is a charge for a vendor to assist with it. 

And most companies don’t just have one vendor.  They have one for every site or every country.  Along with an IPT System or a PBX and all the requisite hard phones on the site.  That’s a lot of Vendors, a lot of third party contracts and lot of equipment to support.  And a lot of money spent on supporting it! 

The solution is so much simpler with a SfB solution and the right tools.  In most cases, there is no need for local Voice Gateways and with SfB support becomes central.  Moves, Adds or Changes happen virtually and, with the right tools, automatically.  In the Skype for Business environment, if you are using Unify Square’s PowerSuite,  if you relocate to any other location of your company, anywhere in the world, you automatically get assigned a new local telephone number without anybody lifting a finger.  All of this means there is no longer a need to pay for the local support.   

Those efficiencies are just the tip of the iceberg.  There are massive cost savings to be gained in areas like call charges, conferencing and the removal of legacy equipment.  That is not to mention the flexibility that comes with mobility or Bring Your Own Device. 

So, hold on to your money.   Move to Skype for Business to eliminate or vastly reduce your local bills so  you can invest that in other parts of your business.   


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