Why Should I Replace My PBX? – Cost Savings

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Our experience is that a minimum of 66% of users on any site can move directly from a PBX desk phone to a UC solution.  So, as customers adopt UC solutions, many no longer need the old capabilities they used from a fixed voice or IP Telephony estate.  That means 66% less desk phones.  However, less users do NOT mean that your maintenance fees for the PBX go down by 66%. A PBX that was cost effective at 100% utilization is no longer such a great value at 34% utilization or less!  Add to that – you are paying maintenance and a fee for the UC service, so you are paying twice for many of these users who are not even using the fixed voice or IPT service. 


Every site of reasonable size with desk phones and a PBX has someone assigned to deal with moves, adds and changes.  If that PBX remains and some desk phones remain on the site, there is a need for some local support. And that support costs money.    


Finally, some of the larger PBXs take up significant space in a building.  Recovering real estate for use within your business is a significant benefit.   And add power to that list as the PBX will be less power efficient than a local UC voice gateway if you need one. 


We’ve established that we should replace as many PBXs as possible to achieve not only cost savings, operational stability, and other efficiencies, therefore the next logical question is: Can it be done?  Yes, otherwise why write this blog?  Of and estate of over 250 PBXs we’ve led the replacement of 140 and a mixture of all types, Aastra, Avaya, Cisco, Nortel, Siemens, etc., both TDM and IP.  And that success is not limited to small office sites or key systems.  We’ve eliminated PBX’s from large industrial sites supporting thousands of users.   The rest of those PBXs are on their way out also!! 


So it’s time.  If you are interested in doing the math and getting on the PBX replacement journey then contact us.  We have a really cool tool that will estimate your savings.   Or if you’d like to read more about the PBX removal journey then read our white paper here!! 

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