Why Should I Replace My PBX?

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Since the start of the journey from Office Communicator Server (OCS) right up until today with Skype for Business Online and Teams, the vision of these Unified Communications tools has been to do many things.  Increase productivity, reduce costs, drive innovations and business improvements.  These goals have been demonstrated to not only be achievable but wildly successful.  Think about how conference calls have changed since UC tools were introduced.  Think about how much easier it is to work from home, from a hotel or (unfortunately for some) from a vacation spot.  Unified Communications has driven quantifiable benefits in all these areas.  One of the last benefits to be realized in the journey has been the replacement of onsite PBX’s in significant enough numbers to make that capability plausible.  Resonate have successfully led an effort to break that last barrier.  But before we get to that.  Given the relative stability of the everyday PBX perhaps the first question that jumps into one’s mind is, if it is not broken, why would I fix it?  Over the next few blogs we will outline some of compelling reasons to replace a PBX, so stay tuned!

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