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Product Overview

Enhance Your Teams Experience With Apps and Automation

There are two components that make up the Resonate Apps & Automation offering, catalogue and bespoke. The catalogue offerings have drawn from our extensive knowledge and experience in delivering telephony to create tools that enhance the native functionality of Teams and provide automation to free the admin team from day to day tasks, improve the end-user experience and provide greater visibility of how Teams is being consumed. Our bespoke offering is just that, taking the catalogue tools and adapting them to meet the unique needs of any organisation, but also going a step further to help identify opportunities to automate other areas of their business and deliver the skills and resources needed to design and build solutions.

Call Queue and Auto Attendant App

Create and manage call queues and auto attendants quickly and easily. Highlights include:

  • Time-saving of implementing MACDs
  • Reduced time to market
  • Improved UX
  • Reporting visibility, time to information
  • Error reduction
  • Reduced management overhead
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Teams Voice Management App

A user-friendly, fully automated solution to manage your Teams PSTN Voice functionality. Highlights include:

  • Automated Number Provisioning 
  • Simple Request Process
  • Phone Number Management 
  • Automated License Provisioning 
  • Easy to Use App Interface
  • Reporting Dashboards with Number Range Usage Report, Requests Report and Calling Usage Report 
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IT Inventory App

Record and manage the end-to-end journey of each IT asset from first use to being decommissioned. Highlights include:

  • Manage the end-to-end journey of every asset quickly and easily assign/unassign assets to users 
  • Reduce unnecessary purchases of IT Equipment - easily view and manage spare unassigned assets 
  • Custom Automation - automate reminders for warranty renewals, lease renewals and other agreements 
  • Searchable Database - use Active Directory integration to search for users within your organisation and return all assets and information associated to them 
  • Barcode Scanner - the ability to use a smartphone camera to scan barcodes to enter asset information into the applications
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Use Cases

Apps and Automation can make the sort of jobs you do day in, day out easier, more efficient and fully integrated into your Teams environment.

Shift Pattern Management

Managing Holiday Requests

Automating IT admin tasks

Data Management

Internal Purchase Process

Timesheet Approvals

Expense Reinbursement

New Employee Onboarding

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