Product Overview

Make Your Teams Voice Solution Work In Any Situation

With our extensive UCC experience, we really understand the needs of our customers and have worked hard to ensure most use cases can be facilitated with our standard products and services. However, sometimes there will be additional requirements from a more complex site, such as a depot, manufacturing site or plant, that requires the solution to be pushed just that little bit further. Our focus is providing an integrated and unified solution for all your users no matter how complex their needs and our bespoke product addons can be deployed to ensure our solutions work for everyone.

Use Case: Integrating with your legacy PBX to ease the transition

If only moving from old to new was as easy as unplugging and plugging in something new. Legacy PBX systems have been around for years now allowing users to make phone calls both within and outside an organisation. It’s something your users have probably gotten used to and introducing change can be daunting. Features they are used to using may work differently and training will be key. Integrating with your new Voice for Teams platform with you current PBX can help ease the change. It gives you the flexibility for a more controlled migration allowing you to move smaller groups to the new solution at one time. That can give you the breathing room you need to help focus on change and adoption, whilst still having an end goal in sight. And as a bonus, calls between the two systems are free!


Use Case: Integrating with special features

Microsoft Teams is great. It provides users with a leading collaboration and communication experience. So, you move your users from your PBX to Resonate Voice for Teams platform but then you realise, you can’t switch off your PBX because you’re still left with some special features – An alarm system, a door entry system, a fax machine, DECT phones, etc. Our team, through our tried and tested legacy mapping process, can help you to understand what the most cost-effective way is forward that will provide the best experience. In the given scenario if it is best to:

  • Keep the PBX and integrate it into the Voice for Teams platform providing interconnectivity between the two environments. Think about the door entry system being able to deliver the call to a group of Teams Users on the site for Free.
  • Rationalising the functionality and moving to a mix of POTS lines and fully managed SBC/GW allowing you to remove your PBX and reduce costs whilst maintaining the integration.
Starting Points

Use Case: Legal And Regulatory Requirements

There are some countries that require local PSTN breakout which means Telephony kit is required at these sites to ensure they remain compliant.

We can provide fully managed SBC / GW that is integrated into the overall solution that ensures you remain compliant.



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