Driving operational efficiency in the energy industry

At Resonate we help senior IT professionals in the energy industry increase operational efficiency whilst maintaining reliability in complex environments. We do this by leveraging your investment in O365 & Microsoft Teams to enable far-reaching collaboration across the business by integrating it with your existing estate to provide a single interface for communication, collaboration and access to critical systems across all operational assets & locations. Through our extensive experience supporting some of the world’s largest energy companies across over 100 countries, we have a deep understanding of your business and what is required to deliver successful UCC outcomes.

The industry situation

Energy transition strategies are encouraging digital transformation throughout the industry at a rapid pace. The switch to renewables and pressures from environmental lobbying means that companies cannot afford to rely on systems as they move forward. 

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Implications and challenges

Many companies are still using outdated legacy PBX systems which lead to worse collaboration, missed opportunities, slower project delivery and an increase in human errors driven by a lack of good available information. With the increased need for efficiency and the current challenge of managing remote Teams, businesses are falling further behind. 

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The solution

Microsoft Teams can provide an all-in-one space for communication, teamwork, and knowledge sharing. However, it can become more than that, using apps and automation, Microsoft Teams can become the single-pane-of-glass productivity ecosystem that the energy industry has been looking for.

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Application development for the energy industry

Through application development within Microsoft Teams, businesses in the energy industry can finally connect all the tools they need for a successful workforce in one, unified space. This synergistic environment paves the way for consistent team experiences, even in a hybrid world. 

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Use Cases for Application Development

The open and agile nature of the Microsoft stack, combined with access to solutions like Power Apps and Power Automate, means companies can build their own end-to-end solution in Teams, complete with custom capabilities.  

Internal Resource Management

Managing Holiday Requests

Simplifying IT admin tasks

IT Inventory Management Apps

Internal Meeting Organisation

Project Time Tracking

Expense Management

Company Learning Portal

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Case Study - Top 5 Global Energy Giant

This multi-national needed to reduce infrastructure complexity and cost whilst at the same time providing tools to enable flexible working, encourage collaboration and exploit innovation.


Desk phones removed

Resonate were able to remove 90,000 desk phones as part of their adoption led approach.


Legacy PBXs removed

Resonate were also able to remove 200 Legacy PBXs.


Cost savings

With a successful rollout complete, Resonate were able to deliver cost savings to the business in excess of 60%.

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