Driving operational efficiency in the financial services industry

At Resonate we help IT professionals in the financial services industry use Microsoft Teams to create a fully-featured, FCA compliant and enterprise-ready voice and UC platform. We do this by leveraging our team of industry-leading experts in Microsoft UC and extensive sector experience to inject enterprise-grade financial compliance features and functionality into Teams. We know every organisation is different and at different points on their journey towards a fully cloud-hosted, unified communications platform and requires industry expertise and experience to guide them in maximising their investment in Microsoft and legacy PBX technologies.

The industry situation

After the disruption of Covid, the financial services industry is facing fundamental challenges such as the rising expectations of customers, now well used to seamless digital experiences in all parts of their lives, and the increasing impact of technology on an industry that is facing ever-stricter FCA compliance regulations.

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Implications and challenges

Over the years, the financial services industry earned itself a reputation for being slow to adopt new technology. The industry has been so heavily governed by strict regulations on everything from the selling of products to the storage and use of customer data, that it used to be a case of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. This means many businesses are reliant on outdated systems which don't allow them to meet the growing needs of their customers or the new requirement for hybrid work. 

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The solution

Microsoft Teams provides a holistic and unified set of productivity, collaboration and real-time communication capabilities. This can make your financial services business more productive and efficient. Better still, it can help deliver a more consistent experience for customers too. And, unlike many of the other big collaboration platforms, Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams provide strong enterprise security for the financial services industry. They will help you protect sensitive information and meet regulatory compliance obligations.

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Application development for the financial services industry

Through application development within Microsoft Teams, businesses in the financial services industry can finally connect all the tools they need for a successful workforce in one, unified space. This synergistic environment paves the way for consistent team experiences, even in a hybrid world. 

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Use Cases for Application Development

The open and agile nature of the Microsoft stack, combined with access to solutions like Power Apps and Power Automate, means companies can build their own end-to-end solution in Teams, complete with custom capabilities.  

Internal Resource Management

Managing Holiday Requests

Simplifying IT admin tasks

IT Inventory Management Apps

Internal Meeting Organisation

Project Time Tracking

Expense Management

Company Learning Portal

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