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Is your organisation set up optimally for hybrid working?

With the imminent relaxing of lockdown, many of us will be adopting a hybrid working model, with a mix of home and office work during the week. While organisations may have adapted to full remote working earlier in the pandemic, the shift to some working from home and some from the office poses its own unique set of challenges. 

We can help assess your readiness and make recommendations based on best practice to achieve the optimal balance between home and office working. The sections below showcase what we can do as part of our readiness review.  


Network Assessment

Like many other companies during lockdown, you may have already set up Microsoft Teams so that calling is optimised for working remotely. However, with the return to the office can you be certain that your office network will be able to cater for the increased demand? We can assess that for you. 

Voice Quality

Working from home for so long has made us all aware that voice quality is key for a good user experience. With a return to offices and part-time home working, we can do a one-off or ongoing Voice Quality check using our tooling, where we will check the following:

  • Calling voice quality
  • Video voice quality
  • Assess your user's endpoints 


Remote working involves multiple means of communication and collaboration tools such as Instant Messaging, chat channels, meetings, and email. It's important to understand if your organisation is using these modes of communication effectively. Are particular departments collaborating better than others? Do people understand how to use the technology available to its full potential? We can review this and other elements to make proven suggestions in order to deliver improvements to your organisation. 





Many organisations at the start of the pandemic were solely focused on enabling everyone as quickly as possible with Microsoft Teams. This meant that simple things such as Teams Structure and Governance were not implemented as they normally would be. As a result, it may sometimes feel like a struggle to find your way around Microsoft Teams. We can help optimise and implement the right structure and governance model without hindering productivity. 


Security Audit

With the rise of hybrid working, security quickly becomes a concern. As your employees are no longer tied to a single location, they can become vulnerable to security threats. Protecting your data and employees from such threats can seem like an overwhelming task. We can help to review the security policies that you have in place for Microsoft Teams to give you better peace of mind.


Meeting Room Assessment

Providing a unified experience regardless of employee location will help drive the success of hybrid working. One of the key factors to consider is how meeting rooms and office spaces will be used to accommodate that. We can help to assess the current situation and how best to transition to a future state that will ensure your users have a great experience no matter where they are working from. 



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