Product Overview

Seamlessly Transition Away From Legacy PBX

The major goals of most projects that involve moving from a legacy phone system to a UCC solution are to reduce costs, make the workforce more efficient and to drive better time management through increased mobility. To achieve this it's important to identify the current systems' features and map all the relevant connections to your new collaboration platform, thereby enabling the safe removal of the legacy PBX system.

Legacy Mapping Service

Resonate provides a Legacy Mapping Service that identifies features such as common phone areas, analogue lines, emergency phones and other legacy PBX features to map these to your new platform. This enables removal of the PBX entirely and in turn, optimises the overall solution to deliver cost savings and reduces the operational risk inherent in legacy equipment.

This service provides access to our highly experienced team, all documentation and a concise plan to illustrate the processes and responsibilities involved in migrating to your new platform.  



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