Digitally transforming manufacturing with Microsoft Teams

At Resonate we help IT & Operations professionals in the manufacturing industry transform Microsoft Teams into a fully-featured, enterprise-ready voice and UC platform, delivered as a managed service, to create a central hub for operations and communication. We do this by leveraging our team of industry-leading experts in Microsoft UC and sector experience to create a bespoke environment tailored to the needs of manufacturers that integrates with critical business systems using established Microsoft Technologies. We know that the ability to integrate with and collaborate around data from a range of sources, including analogue and legacy systems can help our customers operate in a more agile and efficient way.

The industry situation

Hold on to your hats (or, should we say, safety helmets), changes are coming thick and fast in manufacturing right now and the pace of transformation is showing no signs of slowing down. Like many industries, as a result of the emergence of new technologies and the widespread disruption caused by the pandemic, manufacturers are busy assessing a whole new set of challenges and opportunities right now.

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Implications and challenges

Today, many manufacturing organisations face a split between their voice platform and their digital communication systems. So, for example, voice might reside on legacy technology, sometimes cloud-based but often on-premise, poorly integrated into the organisation’s other systems. That’s bad news for manufacturers like you, as it slows down your all-important digital transformation. It’s also bad news for your workforce who are working less efficiently with out-of-date communication solutions.

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The solution

Microsoft Teams is a single platform that can empower your people with new more efficient ways of working. Have all your collaboration and communication within Microsoft Teams, such as voice and messaging, but also have the capability to surface your critical operational systems for, say, task and shift management. It is also possible to integrate vital systems for lone worker safety, fire alarms and E.911.

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Benefits of Microsoft Teams for manufacturers

In this rapidly evolving environment, manufacturers will be looking for ways to improve collaboration, empower their employees and add agility to enable them to adapt to new market trends. This is where Microsoft Teams can help.

Teams integrations for lone workers

Complex voice scenarios

Agile shift and task management

Enhanced reporting

Instant emergency communications

Seamless task management

Enablement of hybrid working

Increased digital transformation

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Case Study - A Leading Food Manufacturer

Our customer, a global food manufacturer, was looking for the right partner to help them adopt and implement Microsoft Teams across their organisation. Resonate is also responsible for the change management and adoption of the solution and following a five-step plan:



Discovery to understand existing comms and change capabilities and position.

Employee communications

Generalised adoption and communications campaign targeting the broad employee base and focusing on individuals and specific user groups.



Targeted adoption campaigns.


Executive sponsor support, middle-management advocacy and development of user stories.


Adoption in lockstep with the Architecture and Deployment releases.

The result

With the successful work carried out so far, Resonate has now become this global organisation’s trusted advisor for the Teams transformation. We have been supporting them for more than 12 months with deployment, architecture and support. The implementation of Teams will eventually serve 50k users globally, including Gateways, Core and Advanced services.

Our key strengths of agility, specialist engineering skills and end-to-end experience of Teams from architecture to support are really paying dividends for this global food manufacturer organisation. What’s more, being vendor and partner-agnostic is enabling us to deliver the perfect solution, using advanced tools for MS Teams adoption and implementation in step with architecture releases.


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