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Enhance Your Teams Experience With Power Platform

The Power Platform is one of the key tools we use in our Apps and Automation practice. The Power Platform is an umbrella term for four different Microsoft services that we use to add a valuable new dimension to your Microsoft Teams platform. Power BI, Power Apps, Power Automate and Power Virtual Agents, enables you to uncover data insights in real-time, build custom applications, chat bots and automated workflows tailored to your business needs across your organisation. Resonate can help you deploy Power Platform services inside your Teams environment to greatly enhance the experience of your users.

Platform Components

The Power Platform encompasses four different, but highly complementary services:

  • Power BI is a business intelligence and analytics service we use to provide customers with real-time data and present this in easy to understand dashboards and reports, which can then be published into Microsoft Teams
  • Power Automate previously called Microsoft Flow, is the service we use to create automated workflows between applications and services. It enables customers to synchronize files, get notifications, collect data, and initiate automated actions
  • PowerApps is the service we use to quickly create and deploy bespoke business applications that can be used on desktop and mobile devices (iOS, Android, Windows). Power Apps offers built-in connectors to more than 200 systems and services, the ability to create custom connectors and access data stored on-premises with the data gateway
  • Power Virtual Agents is the service we use to create powerful chatbots for different customer use cases

Use Cases

The Microsoft Power Platform is here to make the sort of jobs you do day in, day out easier, more efficient and fully integrated into your Teams environment

Internal Resource Management

Managing Holiday Requests

Simplifying IT admin tasks

IT Inventory Management Apps

Internal Meeting Organisation

Project Time Tracking

Expense Management

Company Learning Portal

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Powerful ROI

Research by Forrester demonstrated a clear ROI from investing in Power Platform with $3.62 in efficiencies generated from every $1 spent over the first three years alone. In fact organisations in the study saw payback in just three months.



Organisations in the study saw $3.62 in measurable efficiencies for every dollar they invested in the platform.


Reduction in Development Effort

Development cost and effort were reduced substantially through the use of the Power Apps tool.


Reduction in Management Effort

Ongoing application management and maintenance effort was significantly reduced.


Under 3 Months to Payback

Organisations in the study found that they had recouped their initial investment in cost savings in under 3 months.

Project Starting Points

There are generally two main routes into a Power Platform project and we are happy to work with you in either scenario. Once we have established your requirements, we can offer you applications, flows or Power BI Dashboards from our portfolio. If these do not meet your requirements, then we create a bespoke solution to meet your needs.

  • Route 1: If you are looking to enhance your Teams experience, we can highlight areas within your organisation in which the Power Platform can help save you time and money.
  • Route 2: If you have your own application ideas and have already highlighted ways in which you can improve your business processes, we can help you to implement these ideas using our expertise in the Power Platform.
Starting Points

Benefits & Efficiencies

  • Development Speed: Power Platform allows for custom solutions to be developed and deployed into your environment quickly and efficiently compared to conventional methods
  • Office 365 & 3rd Party Integrations: Utilise all your office 365 environment data and current 3rd party services to deliver a seamless and customised solution
  • Mobile Ready: Power Platform has been designed to allow you to run business applications, trigger automated workflows and view data dashboards all from a mobile device
  • In-depth Analytics & Insights: Connect to various data sources for real-time analytics with actionable insights presented in easy-to-understand dashboards and reports, which you can publish on websites or in Teams
  • Increased Productivity: Business applications and automated workflows can make employees more productive by allowing them to complete a range of different tasks which normally would have taken far more time
  • Full Teams Integration: Each area of the Power Platform can be integrated into Microsoft Teams
  • Leverage Existing Technology: Power Platform can extend the life of existing technology by giving it a more user-friendly interface
  • Security & Compliance: Compliant Microsoft services that have enterprise-grade security backing them

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