Driving digital transformation and building operational agility in retail

At Resonate we help IT professionals in the retail sector transform Microsoft Teams into a fully-featured, enterprise-ready voice and UC platform, delivered as a managed service, to create a central hub for operations and communication. We do this by leveraging our team of industry-leading experts in Microsoft UC and vast sector experience to create a bespoke environment tailored to the needs of retailers that integrates with critical business systems using established Microsoft Technologies. We do this because we know that the ability to communicate and collaborate around real-time data whilst maximising prior investments in legacy PBX is critical to business success.

The industry situation

More than ever, retailers face the challenge of improving operational agility to enable them to adapt rapidly to changing market conditions. Brexit has led to price escalation, delivery delays and supply chain issues. At the same time, Covid has accelerated the trend of customers heading online for everything from the weekly shop to buying a new car, raising difficult questions for retailers that depend on brick-and-mortar sales. All the while, increasing inflation threatens sale volume as well as rising costs across the board. 

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Implications and challenges

Many companies are still using outdated legacy PBX systems which lead to worse collaboration, missed opportunities, slower project delivery and an increase in human errors driven by a lack of good available information. With the increased need for efficiency and the current challenge of managing remote Teams, businesses are falling further behind. 

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The solution

For retailers, Microsoft Teams offers the opportunity to streamline business processes, expand omnichannel capabilities and improve the customer experience. It does so by enabling you to automate workflows, build bespoke business applications, surface data from a variety of systems and even give access to things like stock levels to both customers and internals. Ultimately, deployed correctly, it can help you make better decisions more quickly, whilst removing the burden of manual processes.

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Retail Case Study - a Leading Global Supermarket


Our customer wanted to realise the value of their existing Office 365 platform and see the benefit of working collaboratively and communicating effectively.


With user experience front of mind, our team defined a solution that balanced business requirements with functionality that would deliver the most value to the user.

Resonate developed a staged implementation strategy for Microsoft Teams including a global roll out of platform standard features followed by features such as Dial-in conferencing and Enterprise Voice functionality.


This was one of the first major organisations to use Microsoft Teams Direct Routing on a global scale, thereby giving them an advantage over their competition.

The solution was rolled out globally across 30,000 Head Office colleagues, leading to a removal of legacy dial-in and conferencing hardware and associated costs. And the implementation was a great foundation to showcase the value that Teams could also bring to other areas of the organisation.


Application development for the retail industry

Through application development within Microsoft Teams, businesses in the retail industry can finally connect all the tools they need for a successful workforce in one, unified space. This synergistic environment paves the way for consistent team experiences, even in a hybrid world. 

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Use Cases for Application Development

The open and agile nature of the Microsoft stack, combined with access to solutions like Power Apps and Power Automate, means companies can build their own end-to-end solution in Teams, complete with custom capabilities.  

Internal Resource Management

Managing Holiday Requests

Simplifying IT admin tasks

IT Inventory Management Apps

Internal Meeting Organisation

Project Time Tracking

Expense Management

Company Learning Portal

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