Product overview

Harness your data effectively to improve business outcomes

In events of poor quality calls or poor user experience, the Voice Quality Insights app will highlight issues, recommend suggestions and perform remediations.

Business Challenges

The rise of hybrid working has compounded the challenges faced by businesses trying to manage issues outside their corporate networks, with no end-to-end visibility of what’s happening to calls. Other challenges include:

Staff complaints

Increasing number of complaints or escalations with Microsoft Teams

Access issues

Support desk staff don't have the access levels or training to put things right

Peak time problems

Difficulties managing call and video peaks when they arise

Our Solutions

  • Flexible reporting – Get customised reports from within PowerBI on a timescale that works for you
  • Fault tracking - Follow each and every call to discover when and where things go wrong
  • Identifying issues - Drill down to subnet level to determine the root cause of any problems
  • Data insight - Monitor usage, capacity and trends over time
  • Environment overview - Oversight across internal and external networks to pinpoint problems that occur
  • User feedback – Collecting, collating and presenting feedback to enable ongoing improvement
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Our Differentiators

At Resonate, we have the expertise to enhance the standard communication capability of Microsoft Teams. We also enable you to offer better experiences for your users and customers, alike, with benefits that include:

  • Information to resolve tickets easily accessible and digestible by IT admin agents without the need for admin access and extensive training
  • Operational cost savings with IT admin agents able to close down tickets quicker and deliver more first-time fixes
  • By having a better understanding of where and how calls fail, informed investment decisions can be made
  • Costs reduced from excess channels
  • Identify saturated channels which could be compromising performance
  • Spot non-compliant hardware and home networks which may be negatively impacting other users on the call
  • Improved customer experience for voice users
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