Product Overview

Record and manage the end-to-end journey of each IT asset from first use to being decommissioned

In most organisations recording the history of an asset would involve manually filling in spreadsheets each time an incident occurs, or a new user takes over the asset. This can be daunting and time-consuming. Also, there can be a lack of asset information that can be accessed centrally resulting in time wasted trying to find the information needed.

IT Admins also face the challenges of keeping track of renewal dates of warranties or when leases are coming to an end, this puts a lot more pressure on the IT team and can result in decreased productivity and increased likelihood of errors.

What Does Our Solution Provide?

Our PowerApp has been developed to support IT Admins by providing a single source to:

  • Manage the end-to-end journey of every asset quickly and easily assign/unassign assets to users 
  • Reduce unnecessary purchases of IT Equipment - easily view and manage spare unassigned assets 
  • Custom Automation - automate reminders for warranty renewals, lease renewals and other agreements 
  • Searchable Database - use Active Directory integration to search for users within your organisation and return all assets and information associated to them 
  • Barcode Scanner - the ability to use a smartphone camera to scan barcodes to enter asset information into the application
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