Product Overview

Does your existing hardware integrate with Microsoft Teams?

When working with dispersed workforces and encouraging team collaboration, being able to see the person you are talking to is critical. Video Conferencing can deliver great efficiencies to project costs and timescales, but often means an expensive investment in hardware for your meeting rooms. Resonate can ensure that changing to Teams doesn't mean you need to replace it.


  • Wanting to make the most of your existing investment in ‘standards-based’ video technology
  • Lack of budget to ‘switch out’ existing room systems


Leverage your existing investment in video by utilising our fully managed interoperability service, allowing you to transition to Teams Room Systems at your own pace while providing a consistent user experience.

  • Our experts will assess your requirements and advise on the solution required – ‘as a service’ private cloud or self-hosted
  • We will deploy a market-leading vendor solution
  • Managed support for solution delivered


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