Transforming Healthcare communications with Microsoft Teams

At Resonate we help senior IT professionals in the healthcare space to increase care team collaboration and to reduce time to treatment, as well as delivering virtual health initiatives. We do this by maximising the value they get from their M365 licencing by using existing tools, such as Teams to replace legacy technology and provide a single interface through which to view patient records and other critical systems. We understand the importance of digital transformation in the healthcare space and the role it plays in increasing efficiency, reducing budgets and enabling better patient experiences.

The industry situation

During the pandemic, Teams became a critical tool for many in the Healthcare sector, but in many cases it was rolled out very quickly, leaving big opportunities for unlocking further value. Given how integrated healthcare professional and patient communications have become with team workflow and knowledge management systems, integrating voice into unified communications has become essential, especially as more and more of
your employees will be spending more time working remotely.

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Implications and challenges

Today, many healthcare organisations face a split between their voice platform and their digital communication systems. So, for example, voice resides on legacy technology, sometimes cloud-based but often on-premise, poorly integrated into the organisation’s other systems. That’s bad news for the health organisation as it slows down their all-important digital transformation. It’s also bad news for the health workers who are working less efficiently with out-of-date communication solutions. And it’s even worse news for the patients who, as a result, face longer waiting times to treatment.

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The solution

Resonate’s Teams for Health package is an easy and affordable way to ensure your organisation is making the most of Microsoft Teams and all its enabling features. We can help you realise its full potential in terms of voice, with all your doctors, clinicians, nurses and admin staff able to use their smartphone as a single replacement for all the other communication devices in their life, including pagers, walkie-talkies and desk phones. A key advantage of integrated workflow and communications systems, such as Microsoft Teams, is that group members can work from any location and yet still be fully effective and in touch with all team activities and projects.

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Benefits of Resonate Teams for Health

Moving voice communications to a comprehensive unified communications solution within Microsoft Teams can achieve major cost savings. It also integrates all colleague and patient communications channels on a single, cloud-based platform that is available to your doctors, clinicians, nurses, and other staff, wherever they are in the world.

Remote appointments

Connected Technology

Electronic patient record systems

Workforce management

Mobility and device integration

Reduced time to treatment

Lower healthcare costs

Increased digital transformation

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