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Product Overview

Enhance your Teams Phone experience and return on investment with Crest, our fully automated solution.

Need better tools to help your employees? Want to reduce pressure on the IT Admin team? Keen to save money on Microsoft licensing? Resonate Crest is a cutting-edge tooling platform to revolutionise how customers deploy and manage Teams Phone which can save you up to £1 per month per user.

How Crest can benefit your business

A Day in the Life of IT Operations

Budget and Compliance Challenges

IT Operations Directors are dealing with rising costs, tightening margins and ever more regulatory and compliance hurdles.

Maintaining Customer Experience

Limited ‘easy access’ visibility for ticket resolution, tainting user experience.

Resource Effectiveness

Elevated privileges are required for even the simplest of tasks.

Project Delivery Pressures

The deployment process is highly manual and open to admin errors.

Save up to £1 per user per month in operating costs with Crest

Take Voice Tooling from the Voice Experts!

Resonate’s fully road mapped, SaaS, Voice Management Platform gives you the tools you need to configure, manage, review and improve Teams Phone. The Voice Management Platform is available for all organisations using Teams Phone, regardless of your telephony provider or modality. 

See the potential savings with our handy calculators below:

Crest Voice Manager

A user-friendly, fully automated solution to manage your Teams PSTN Voice functionality. The App includes an automated request and approval process as well as an Admin GUI  to assign phone numbers and automated number provisioning.

  • Easy-to-use App interface
  • Reporting dashboards with number range usage reporting, requests reporting and calling usage reporting
  • Saves time for the IT Admin team with implementing Joiners, Movers and Leavers
  • Helps reduce Microsoft licence costs by highlighting unused licenses
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Crest Voice Insights

Lets you know about issues with voice quality insights and automatically opens up a ticket for the relevant team with all the background information provided, saving your organisation both time and resources.

  • Enables the IT Admin team to proactively resolve issues
  • Ensures that Teams Voice users enjoy a consistent and high-quality voice experience across the entire Teams platform, regardless of device and location
  • Monitor usage, capacity and trends over time to enable ongoing improvement
  • In events of poor quality calls or poor user experience, the Voice Quality Insights app will highlight issues, recommend suggestions and perform remediations.
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Crest Connect

Crest Connect is a management portal for customers and partners that enables you to:

  • Manage Crest subscriptions, usage and billing for your end customers
  • Contact the helpdesk and raise support tickets
  • Access the latest product updates and release notes
  • Raise and track feature requests
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